#R is for….. [The Fashion A-Z continues]

R is for……re-invention.

A new season means a whole new wardrobe and British Vogue has a few suggestions on how to reinvent your style for autumn/winter 2012-13, including sequins, high collars, and statement eyewear.

Victoria Beckham modeling her own new eyewear range.

VICTORIA BECKHAM is expanding her fashion line to include a range of prescription glasses. The designer, who is short-sighted, is set to launch her debut collection in October.

She said “I do need to wear glasses – [but] I haven’t found glasses that suit me or that I particularly like. I’ve always been quite self-conscious, so that’s why I’ve decided to do them myself”.

The tips of each frame have been branded with a “V”, and are being handmade in Italy. With each pair retailing for around £260, the new frames will be unveiled at an international eyewear exhibition on 4 October, and due to hit stores early next year.


Or if you’re thinking about the party season already, get your hands on Louise Gray’s collection for Topshop. It’s launching on August 23rd and is full of sequin-covered pieces to add a bit of sparkle.

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